Phrixos (thetasteofagony) wrote in box_of_fox,

(Valor OC) Testing out this guy's voice


[You, Phrixos, and an assortment of NPCs have teamed up in order to retrieve an artifact from one of those ubiquitous monster-infested ruins.]

If we're to reach the center before moonrise, we haven't the time to pick out a stealthy route. I expect many of our men will perish in the attempt. I hope you're not another one of those soft-hearted types.


[Circumstances have set you and the Arch Knight of Chaos at each others' throats. He's drawn that short serrated sword of his.]

Just as I thought, this was inevitable from the moment I first laid eyes on you. Don't disappoint me. Who knows, I might even let you die quickly if you make a good show of it~ ♪


[In a far off land known only as Memento Eden, the population count has just gone up by one.]

I believe I have been hexed. I'm not at all happy about this, and I would suggest that whoever is responsible start running now. I'll track down the culprit after I take care of it, so consider yourself warned.

Say, there is a cursebreaker in town, yes? It seems to have slipped my mind.

[...Along with many, many other things, but letting that be publicly known seems like a bad plan. One does not wake up on a roof with no memories by accident.]
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