bitchwhipped (bitchwhipped) wrote in box_of_fox,

*abuses musebox like whoa*

I didn't know the university had a room like this... I wonder what it's for. And how'd I get in here, anyway?

Ah, well. I'd better leave before Hasegawa decides to give me an earful for leaving the lab without saying anything. *tries to find the door, even pushing the wall in some places to see if anything opens up* am I supposed to get out?

I'm sure there's a door around here somewhere! The university wouldn't build a room without a door...would they?
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The "university" you're talking about is probably a long, long ways from here.

*looks around* Hnn... Pretty much the same as that other 'box'..
Then where is this place? And how am I supposed to get back? All I remember was leaving the lab for a few minutes, and then I walked into this place!
A science lab, by chance? What do you study?
I don't really study in the lab. I'm only a freshman, after all... I just help out with the microbe research.
Sounds like they trust you a lot, then.

I wish we had the facilities for something like that back on the island. I teach science at the school there.

What time are you from, kid?
I guess you could say that. Even though they only keep me around because I can see what's going on in their experients.

It was 4:53, last time I checked. Although I'm sure it's later than that now.


January 5 2010, 18:28:29 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  January 5 2010, 18:29:44 UTC

Why wouldn't you be able to see?

And I meant what year. Tell me the year.
*shiiiit that was supposed to be in his head!* Well, I sort of...see the experiments differently than other people?

Oh. It's 2007.
Hnn... *tell him moooore*

That's way ahead of me, then. About two centuries.
*oh my god that stare sob he can't take it anymore* I can see all the microbes.

...!!! can you be from the past?
...Come again?

These magical "boxes" seem capable of collecting people from all stretches of time and space. You wouldn't believe me if I told you about all the things I've seen around here.
I can see all the microbes in the air.

This box...takes people across space and time?
...But they're too small to see. How's that work? Explain. *staring intensifies A BIT*

It would appear so. I'd never heard of x-rays or immunizations for the flu until Kyouya told me about them.
*soooob and Ginko doesn't even believe him* I don't know. But I can see them, and communicate with them. They just look like little bugs floating in the air to me.

But, they're so common. Although if you're from 1800s, then I suppose they wouldn't be...
...Bugs floating in the air, huh. Are you sure they're microbes?

Exactly. We're communicating across a vast stretch of time right now. Try not to spoil anything too big for me, eh? 'Ppreciate it.
Yes. There's plenty of them in here right now.

So I can't talk about anything invented after the 1800s?
How do you know they're microbes, though?

Well, I suppose you can really only be too careful. It's highly possible this is all just a dream, and I'll forget we even had this conversation after I wake up. *shrugs?*